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Trade Talk: Access additional financing with Export Guarantee Program – May 2014

In this episode of Trade Talk, we talk about how EDC can partner with your bank to help you get the financing you need to grow your business in the U.S. or overseas.

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This white paper looks at how EDC’s Export Guarantee Program (EGP) can help you overcome financing barriers, enhance your partnership with your bank and furnish the cash to grow your international sales.

​Boost Your Working Capital with EDC’s Export Guarantees (PDF)

Feature story, tips and case study

Ben Arber, Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Bank Canada, talks about how EDC’s risk-sharing guarantee can help his bank expand support to its customers. Also learn how Edmonton-based FourQuest Energy used the guarantee to turn a potential deal into a real one.

​Boost Your Working Capital – A special information feature (PDF)

Customer case study

FourQuest Energy President Nik Grgic, says they were able to take on its first international project thanks to an EGP guarantee.

​Read their story
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