The benefits of being one of the Canada’s best managed companies

The benefits of being one of the Canada’s best managed companies

Since 1993, hundreds of companies have vied for one of the most prestigious accolades in Canadian business: Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Company – an award recognizing excellence in Canadian owned and managed companies with revenues over $10 million.

It is a demanding evaluation process so nerves of steel are essential.

Management abilities and techniques are examined, scrutinized, and scaled to narrow down the field of contenders and identify the top Canadian-owned businesses that have outperformed their competitors, created thousands of jobs, achieved sustainable growth, and excelled both at home and abroad.

More great news for the winners

On top of being named as one of the best businesses in the country, Export Development Canada will provide its global mentoring services to the 50 winners of Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Companies award.

“Our aim is to give the little bit of extra help that can often make a difference to a Canadian company looking to grow their international business,” says Marc Deschênes, Program Director, Mentoring and Advisory Services, EDC. “When working with companies like the winners of the Best Managed award, who are already well underway in their exports, we want to make their lives just slightly easier – whether it’s through matchmaking, market intel, or whatever else their needs may be.”

The EDC mentor will help examine and refine export market strategies and collaborate through the steps of market diversification. Companies will also benefit from EDC’s country, sector, and market research and expert contacts.

But wait, there’s more! Some winners of Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Companies will be featured in Exportwise, EDC’s online magazine. 

So you think your company has what it takes?

Not only are the winners’ benefits greater than most awards, simply applying to be considered is beneficial. All candidates can profit from coaching by senior Deloitte and CIBC Commercial Banking professionals as well as a detailed self-analysis of their business focused on strategic and operational issues.

But, it’s no easy task becoming Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Company.

They study the competitors, searching for the Canadian companies who are focused on their core vision, create stakeholder value, and excel in the global economy. If you feel your company has what it takes, consider applying for the 2016 awards.

This year’s awards will be given at the EDC sponsored, Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Companies Symposium on April 12, 2016 in Toronto.

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