Biting the Dust with Cypher Environmental

Biting the Dust with Cypher Environmental

You’re driving down a dirt road in the dead of summer. The dust rises around your car and ahead of you and it’s almost impossible to see. The dust is so heavy you’re breathing it in. You slow down to let the dust settle before continuing on your way.

Now imagine your business depends on you making deliveries down that road hundreds of times a day. Slowing for each vehicle to clear the air will significantly slow your output; the dust will pollute your machinery; it can pollute nearby towns and make your personnel sick.

This is a problem that affects many industries with projects requiring heavy yields of transportation, and it can be very expensive. Winnipeg-based Cypher Environmental has an environmentally friendly solution

Their soil stabilizing and dust control solutions ‘EarthZyme and ‘Dust Stop’ are unique because they offer a non-corrosive, benign solution to managing dust and soil stabilization in open pit mines and on roads. This can be invaluable to companies looking to increase work efficiency, but even more importantly they can protect the health of personnel and the surrounding communities.

“Many companies struggle with dust being created from their projects, or roads degrading from constant deliveries. This can have a negative impact on the communities around them and really strain relationships,” says Burns. “By using Dust Stop or EarthZyme companies avoid that without damaging the environment.” This is particularly true for the mining industry where Cypher has found a niche.

Better yet, they can save your company money. Dust Stop and EarthZyme are concentrated enough to ship to customers around the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. “One liter of our soil stabilizing solution EarthZyme treats 33 cubic meters of compacted soil,” says Todd Burns, President, Cypher Environmental. “So it can cover a wide area, or a long road, and shipping costs are negligible.”

Cypher Stays Innovative

A big part of Cypher’s competitive edge comes from their ongoing research and development; particularly into new applications for their products. “We’ll try our products in several different scenarios and see how flexible they can be, or what other applications they might have,” says Burns.

Recognizing the importance of reducing shipping costs, the research team at Cypher has been running tests on Dust Stop for storage in sub-zero temperatures. For Burns and his team, it was about recognizing the needs of their customers. “Many of our clients work in sub-zero temperatures half the year, so they need a solution that, can handle transportation and outdoor storage in the winter.”

While the team was working to develop a product that could handle being frozen and thawed, they happened across a formula which actually improved the binding properties of Dust Stop. “We couldn’t have asked for anything better really. Not only do we have a solution for our clients year round, but we have an even better product offering.

EarthZyme hasn’t been the only surprise for the Cypher research team. Their water treatment product UltraZyme, designed to remediate organic wastes, has helped increase the lifetime of bananas picked at farms in South America. When fresh picked bananas are washed in UltraZyme treated water they were less prone to brown ripening spots and were easier to clean.

“Ultrazyme helps reduce the fungus on the bananas, ultimately increasing their lifespan. It can be a huge benefit to agriculture,” says Burns. “It’s an area we’re definitely focusing on in the future and hoping to expand.”

Finding a perfect match

For a company like Cypher exporting is essential to their business and making connections with distributors they trust is critical. Which is why they attended the annual PDAC conference and participated in EDC matchmaking events. At the conference Cypher was met three potential clients and is looking forward to showing the capabilities of their Dust Stop and EarthZyme technology in the coming months.

“The mining industry is very competitive, so introductions are key,” Burns says. “Having as many people on the ground as you can in new markets is critical to forming relationships and tailored matchmaking events like the ones from EDC or the Trade Commissioner Service are really a phenomenal opportunity for any business.”

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