DeeBee’s “Mompreneur” Brings Healthy Desserts to the US

DeeBee’s “Mompreneur” Brings Healthy Desserts to the US

Being a working parent is no easy balancing act. It becomes even more challenging when you’re an entrepreneur trying to get a business off the ground. Dionne Laslo-Baker knows those challenges all too well.

A mother of two, Laslo-Baker is also the founder and CEO of DeeBee’s SpecialTea Foods Ltd., a small business in Victoria, British Columbia, that specializes in healthy frozen desserts. Exportwise featured this hard-working mom earlier this year where she talked about her path to exporting.

DeeBee’s healthy TeaPops have been getting a lot of attention since their launch two years ago. Most recently the company was featured on the Maria Shriver blog where Laslo-Baker talked about the challenges of being a parent and how her children have helped inspire her business.

“There are so many ways that women entrepreneurs, and specifically mompreneurs, are different than our male counterparts,” writes Laslo-Baker. “For mompreneurs, every company milestone is celebrated as a family and every challenging time is often held quietly deep in our hearts so as not to upset anyone.”

In her blog, Laslo-Baker also explains how she is using her experience as an entrepreneur to teach her sons about the importance of giving back and building an ethical business. Read the full blog post here.

Up to now the company has been entirely self-financed by Laslo-Baker and her husband. While the couple saw this as the best course of action for the initial phases of the business, in order to continue their growth and meet the new levels of demand they decided to look at financing options.

Recognizing the potential of this small business, Export Development Canada (EDC) provides DeeBee’s with a loan for $500,000 to support their corporate expansion.

“Finding initial financing can be really challenging for a new business,” said EDC Account Manager, Heather Stokes. “DeeBee’s has a great business model, and a great product, so we were happy to help them get to that next step in growing their business.”

Read more about DeeBee’s and their path to exporting here.

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