“Manage the risks that you can’t control with proper insurance”: Export insights from Pierre-Marc Sarrazin

“Manage the risks that you can’t control with proper insurance”: Export insights from Pierre-Marc Sarrazin

Pierre-Marc Sarrazin is Vice President, Corporate Finance & Treasury for Ovivo – a global provider of water equipment, technology and systems based in Montreal.

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Mr. Sarrazin is responsible for the financing, investor relations and treasury operations on a global basis. Since joining the company in 2011, he’s led the implementation of multiple international credit agreements, in addition to playing a key role in the sale of the pulp and paper division.

When and why did you first start thinking about exporting as part of your business?

We have been exporting for decades. Now, more than 95 per cent of our sales are made outside Canada. With our internationally renowned expertise and proprietary products, export is not an option for Ovivo. We need to be global and we leverage our global platform as a differentiator from most of our competition.

What was your export journey like to get to where you are today?

Going to international markets is in the DNA of Ovivo/GLV. The company was built through international acquisitions and selling equipment on a global basis.

What is the biggest difference between selling in Canada and selling in another country? How did you adapt to that difference?

We have a global platform from which we serve and follow our internationally reputable clients, wherever their projects are located. Obviously, working internationally brings a lot of challenges but also brings tremendous opportunities such as replicating our successes to different countries as well as leveraging and enhancing our expertise and experience between our expert teams around the world.

Can you share the best lesson learned from a bad exporting experience?

You have to manage your risks. EDC has some excellent products to accompany companies abroad. The geopolitical situation can change rapidly. It is important to manage the risks that you can’t control with proper insurance.

What is one characteristic that you believe every exporter   should possess?

A mix of openness to the opportunities offered by foreign markets and cautiousness to the additional risks. For the latter, EDC can be an extraordinary partner to accompany all exporters abroad.

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