Exporting to the United States

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TradeTalk: Exporting to the United States – February 2014

In this episode of TradeTalk we explain what you need to know about doing business in the U.S. What are the risks? And how can you protect against those risks while taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities south of the border.

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The United States is the richest market on earth and Canada’s largest trading partner, with hundreds of Canadian companies doing a huge volume of business with U.S. customers. This white paper examines why the U.S. market is so attractive, and how you can search for lucrative export opportunities there.

Exporting to the United States (PDF)

Feature story, tips and case study

Hear from Jayson Myers, President and CEO of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association who talks about how to take advantage of the opportunities while mitigating the risk of selling to our largest trading partner.

Exporting to the United States – A special information feature (PDF)

Customer case study

Learn how HoneyBar Products International is enjoying sweet success in the U.S.

Read their story
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