Extra Attention to Social Responsibility Can Benefit Your Business

Extra Attention to Social Responsibility Can Benefit Your Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot topic of international business. Any Canadian company interested in growing internationally will need to consider CSR implications for their business, and the regional partners they connect with. There is a bonus, being focused on developing CSR practices can make your business more attractive to investors and can help you find partnerships with companies that have similar motivations.

Recognizing the importance of this trend and the role of business in building stronger communities, Export Development Canada (EDC) has made CSR a part of its core business. This year they have released their 10th annual CSR report outlining the milestones they’ve reach while facilitating trade for Canadian companies.

“While this is the tenth year of our report, it also marks the culmination of nearly two decades of developed expertise in CSR practices at EDC,” says Signi Schneider, Vice-President, CSR, EDC. “This report helps to demonstrate not only how far EDC has come in refining our CSR practices, but also the growth of our Canadian clients and international partners.”

EDC has been recognized as a leader in the field of CSR, this year being ranked first in the Corporate Knights Future 40 Responsible Leaders in Canada.

The report includes six videos, including one featuring EDC’s longest-serving executives as they reflect back over the past 10 years (and more) of implementing CSR initiatives at EDC.

“For Canadian companies it’s important to know that CSR considerations can impact their business in a long term and that there are resources available to help them make informed business decisions,” says Schneider. “At EDC we have embedded CSR into our daily business decisions and we think this will ultimately help Canadian companies in the long term.”

Read more about EDC’s approach to CSR in the report available exclusively online and watch the videos detailing their CSR monitoring processes.

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