Montreal’s Float4: “One of our strengths is doing things that have never been done before”

Montreal’s Float4: “One of our strengths is doing things that have never been done before”

For nearly eight years, the Montreal-based company Float4 has been specializing in the use of interactive technologies to develop content for many different display platforms. For clients seeking to distinguish themselves and innovate, Float4 offers a unique way to create a memorable experience and connect with the target audience.

“Our first project was with Cirque du Soleil and involved a high level of technical difficulty. So we developed a customized solution for them,” said Sevan Dalkian, co-founder of Float4. “One of our strengths is doing things that have never been done before.”

From the beginning, Float4 had global ambitions because it’s the big centres of innovation that offer the biggest business opportunities for the company, explains Alexandre Simionescu, co‑founder of Float4. “We aim for a clientele that wants to stand out and set the tone.

Toward the end of 2009, Float4 created a permanent installation for the head office of Verizon in New Jersey, in the United States— its first export sale. Then, in early 2010, Case-Mate hired them to build an interactive wall at the very popular Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These contracts, combined with a major product launch in the US, gave them excellent visibility among many companies that have since become clients.

As a large part of the company’s clientele is in the US, Mr. Simionescu decided to move there in order to ensure a permanent presence and to set the stage for the opening of a New York office. “The client base is very concentrated in New York, and given how many business trips I had to make, establishing a more permanent presence there became a strategic decision,” he added.

Float4 also has a presence in Dubai, a destination the company has long prized. “Our first business trip was to Dubai, where we hoped, a little naively, to do some business development,” said Mr. Simionescu.

While the 2008 economic crisis curtailed the company’s plans, the announcement that the 2020 World Expo will be held in Dubai restored the confidence of investors and marked the beginning of many projects. In the meantime, Float4 has created their biggest project to date there—the City Walk by Meraas, a prized outdoor destination that offers a unique experience, bringing together luxury shops and fine dining restaurants. The City Walk is the biggest project of its kind in the world.

According to Mr. Simionescu, there is no established procedure to gain exposure with potential clients. “It’s an emerging industry and it’s constantly evolving,” he said. “I still think that the best way is to meet people in person. That’s why I spend nearly half the year on a plane!”

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