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GE Canada: Pulling Canadian SMEs Into the Global Aerospace Market

GE Canada and EDC are working together to open doors for Canadian small- and medium-sized business (SMEs) to break into global aerospace supply chains.

On February 12, EDC introduced 13 of its SME customers to the GE Aviation Bromont team. GE Aviation Bromont’s Global Robotics, Automation and Instrumentation R&D Centre develops advanced robotic processes, software applications and intellectual property for GE Aviation facilities and suppliers. The introductions were part of a GE Canada incubator session, targeting Canadian SMEs with expertise in tooling and automation.

“The investments that GE has made in the GE Aviation Global Robotics, Automation and Instrumentation R&D Centre must go hand in hand with a world-class supply chain in order to be globally competitive,” noted Alain Ouellette, Director of Operations, GE Aviation Bromont. “The strength of Canadian capabilities in the aerospace industry is well respected around the world, and we are always looking for ways to strengthen our partnerships with industry.”

GE Canada has been a partner for EDC due to its strong track record of growing exports from its Canadian operations and nurturing Canadian suppliers into dynamic exporters. EDC provides financing solutions for GE Canada based upon the quality of its Canadian footprint.

“Opening doors for Canadian SMEs into the value chains of major corporations is a critical part of how EDC brings real value to its customers, above and beyond its financial solutions,” said Rajesh Sharma, Senior Vice-President and Global Head, Business Development. “Partners like GE Canada are critical to Canada’s exporting story, pulling along Canadian suppliers into global markets and helping to open doors for them as well.”

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