Growing Your Business in Asian Markets

Growing Your Business in Asian Markets

The outlook for Asia is one of steady growth and a wealth of opportunities.  The regional GDP is forecasted to improve on average by more than 5 per cent in 2014, compared to 3 per cent worldwide. Even if you’ve never been an exporter, but have considered expanding your business, consider the quickly growing Asian region as your next destination.

Countries within Asia have some of the best environments for new business. Consider the fact that China is now the world’s second largest economy, growing at 7.5 per cent annually and India is right on China’s heals with impressive growth this year.  Often forgotten parts of the region, Singapore is a district trading center and home to one of the world’s busiest ports; and Indonesia has a growing middle class with an appetite for foreign investment.

“Asia is making large investments in infrastructure which create significant opportunities for Canadian companies. On the resources side, all of Asia is looking for more minerals, oil, food and other commodities” says Denis L’Heureux, Chief Representative to Asia for Export Development Canada (EDC).

Want to learn more about how your company can grow in the Asian market? Join EDC on Wednesday September 10th for a free webinar. Our Chief Representatives to the region will be available to take your questions, respond to your concerns and provide insight into how to grow your footprint the region.

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