Happy Birthday Enterprise Canada Network

Happy Birthday Enterprise Canada Network

One year ago this month, the Enterprise Canada Network (ECN), a match-making site for Canadian businesses, was launched. Since that time, more than 1,100 companies have joined ECN and 65+ connections have been made.

How does the ECN work?  In a nut shell, ECN helps Canadians to easily identify and connect to new global business, technology and research partners. When you register, you get access to ECN’s core match-making services, including the ability to:

  1. Search Canadian and international open opportunities and view abstracts organized by industry sector, market and technology;
  2. Find new opportunities through Opportunity Matching Alerts based on your product/service, technology, or research preferences delivered right to your email in-box;
  3. Connect to Qualified Leads and receive assistance from ECN staff to further qualify prospective partners and facilitate introductions;
  4. Receive advance notice on sector specific incoming, outgoing and virtual trade and innovation events and missions;
  5. Post a profile about your business or technology. ECN can promote a user’s opportunity profile to Canadian and international industry/research players and connect user’s to qualified interested parties; exposure can be broad or restricted to specific countries or types of partners; and
  6. Post calls for research proposals to raise broad awareness about needed expertise or join an international R&D consortium.

To register, visit

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