CCBC Incubators: Helping You Succeed in Canada and China

CCBC Incubators: Helping You Succeed in Canada and China

When entering a new market, the first few years are critical for establishing a business structure, building connections with suppliers, customers, and other partners, as well as for accessing funding and gaining market exposure. Not to mention other challenges such as unfamiliar social, cultural, legal and economic frameworks, which add to the complexity that companies entering a new market face at the incubation stage. The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) Business Incubation Centers can help bridge many of these uncertainties and challenges to help you succeed in China.

These Business Incubation Centres, located in Calgary, Montreal, Beijing and Shanghai, work with a broad network of public and private sector partners across Canada and China, to provide infrastructure, connections, and knowledge as well as the right tools to refine your business model and grow in China.

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