Katch Kan Recognized for Excellence in Performance

Katch Kan Recognized for Excellence in Performance

Oil and gas company, Katch Kan joins a select group of companies recognized for their contributions to the petroleum industry. When the 2015 Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards were handed out in Houston, Texas, the Edmonton-based company was the winner for Excellence in Health and Safety.

With their rig safety and zero spill system, Katch Kan has developed cost-effective solutions to some high profile environmental and safety issues that have been increasingly weighing on the upstream industry.

Last February, when ExportWise featured Katch Kan, CEO Quinn Holtby noted that worker safety and environmental protection are never-ending challenges for drill rig operators. “Over eight years I witnessed countless preventable accidents, irresponsible waste and unnecessary environmental damage. So I committed myself to doing something about it,” said Holtby.

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