MaRS helps Canada’s Cleantech Find Opportunities in Chile

MaRS helps Canada’s Cleantech Find Opportunities in Chile

Canadian clean technology companies looking to pursue the Chilean market need to read this first instalment of the Going Global Series on international energy markets.

Published by the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRS Discovery District, the Going Global series gives a 360-degree view of the energy system in priority markets for export-ready Canadian energy companies.

This first report looks at the Chile energy market from the standpoint of six national energy considerations. It also takes a look at how the Chile’s government and major utilities are adopting innovation energy technologies, in order to help Canadian cleantech companies identify opportunities.

The Advanced Energy Centre (AEC), founded in February 2014, is a partnership between MaRS Discovery District, the Ontario Ministry of Energy and the private sector with CapGemini and Siemens as founding partners. The AEC’s mission is to foster the adoption of innovative energy technologies in Ontario and Canada, and to leverage those successes and experiences into international energy markets.

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