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Does Your Small Business Want to Meet a Business Match From Mexico?

15 minutes could tell you if your business is a good fit for a foreign buyer.

Ever heard of speed dating? Well, in the business world, it’s called matchmaking. That’s where a Canadian company like yours meets with a foreign buyer – typically for just 15 to 30 minutes — to get an idea if their needs and your products or services make a good match.

As with speed dating, you can often tell in a short time if you both “click” – that is, if the relationship is worth pursuing.

Matchmaking can take many different forms, formal or informal. It often involves a brief one-on-one meeting between a Canadian exporter and a foreign buyer. But it can be much broader than that.

EDC, for one, has set up many events that bring groups of Canadian and foreign companies with common interests together, both in Canada and abroad. This can be done at trade shows, or by arranging cross-Canada visits for foreign firms to meet potential Canadian suppliers.

We usually work with key partners — especially the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), provincial governments and industry associations — in sectors where Canada has recognized expertise, such as mining, oil & gas, power, transportation and telecom.

And here’s the best part

While the foreign buyers are usually medium or large companies, they welcome introductions to innovative smaller Canadian firms that could become part of their supply chains.

As just one example, EDC’s Mexico team has been prolific in its matchmaking efforts this year, alongside Canada’s TCS and industry partners.

They’ve hosted matchmaking events at the Plastimagen (plastics) show in Mexico City; at the world’s largest mining show (PDAC) in Toronto; at the Congreso Mexicano de Petroleo (oil & gas) in Cancun; and most recently at the APMA (autoparts) conference in Windsor (Ontario).

All these initiatives have helped bring together dozens of qualified Canadian suppliers and Mexican buyers to create more bilateral trade in the future. Many of these buyers have already sent requests for quotes to some promising suppliers they met.

Looking ahead, EDC will be hosting matchmaking events at Green Expo in Mexico City in September, and, in October, at Expo Minera (mining) in Acapulco and the Aerospace Summit in Querétaro.

If your company is interested in participating in these events, you can contact your local EDC representative, our chief representative in Mexico Johane Séguin, or simply look up your local EDC office at

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