There’s a Dizzying Array of Business Risks in Foreign Markets

There’s a Dizzying Array of Business Risks in Foreign Markets

EDC’s new Country Risk Quarterly takes some of the risks off the table.

Launching today, a new quarterly report by Export Development Canada (EDC) will help small Canadian companies become better informed when selling or entering into new markets.

“If you ask small Canadian companies about barriers to their foreign growth, a lack of market knowledge is one of the most common reasons cited,” says Stuart Bergman, Assistant Chief Economist and Director, Economic and Political Intelligence Centre, EDC.

“The new Country Risk Quarterly report is a free resource designed to take that risk off the table, and help companies explore different trade and investment opportunities from Indonesia to Chile to Ghana.”

Updated four times a year, a key benefit of the Country Risk Quarterly is that it moves beyond the traditional “silo approach” to event risk. The report is based on a host of interdisciplinary risk ratings, which take into account such risk factors as political, economic, commercial, legal, regulatory, social, and security, among others. The EDC Economic and Political Intelligence Centre (EPIC) maintains these ratings in real-time, monitoring things like average commercial default rates, sovereign probabilities of default, the likelihood of political violence, expropriation and currency transfer and conversion restrictions.

The benefit of the report, says Bergman, is that it enables companies to assess the cost impacts of these risks to their business, including key insights on payment experience and risk rating drivers. “This can significantly limit surprises and allow Canadian companies to make informed decisions and identify solutions that fit their own risk appetite and specific business models,” he adds.

The Country Risk Quarterly currently provides information on more than 100 countries, using an easy-to-understand mixture of text and at-a-glance graphics on the risks and opportunities of doing business in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. The Country Risk Quarterly will be published each January, April, July and October.

Download the October 2014 Country Risk Quarterly.

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