There’s Nothing Small About Small Business in Canada

There’s Nothing Small About Small Business in Canada

Learn more during BDC Small Business Week.

If you’re a small business, exporting to international markets could represent some great opportunities to grow, but how do you manage cash flow? What are the risks? Where do you find information? From October 20 to 24, three free webinars tell you how.

There’s nothing small about small business in Canada. In fact, according to Industry Canada, about 86 per cent of Canadian exporters are small businesses. There are more than one million small businesses with employees in Canada, and that number doesn’t even include self-employed entrepreneurs, which make up about 15 per cent of all employed Canadians.

Not all companies, however, are content to be small. Many are noticing how often foreign countries sell products and services to Canada, and they’re wondering how they can sell internationally, and help their business to grow.

That’s why, in support of BDC Small Business Week™, Export Development Canada (EDC) has prepared three webinars under the banner theme of How to Grow your Business through Exporting. Featuring seasoned trade experts and small business owners who have succeeded on the global stage, the free webinars explore how small businesses can break into foreign markets and manage the risks and rewards of exporting. The webinars include:

Monday October 20: The World Next Door: Tips on Selling to the US.
The opportunities are great, but the rules are different and the lessons can be hard. Find out how two Canadian firms succeeded in this surprisingly different market.

Wednesday October 22: How to Piggy-back your Way to Exporting Success.
Establishing long-distance connections can be the key to long-term exporting success. Learn how to establish and leverage key relationships in foreign markets to grow your international sales.

Friday October 24: Overcome Financial Hurdles and Get the Financing you Need.
See how two companies obtained the financing they needed to maintain the cash flow necessary to successfully grow their business.

Following each webinar, a live Q&A session will allow participants to ask questions of their own. And if you can’t attend the live webinars, register anyway and receive recorded versions once available.

Interested? Register here for all three webinars.

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