EDC’s winter Country Risk Quarterly is now available.

The Tides of Reform

EDC’s winter Country Risk Quarterly is now available.

“The events of the last few years – and consequent electoral developments – raised expectations on fiscal, structural, and institutional reforms in many countries around the world,” says Stuart Bergman, Assistant Chief Economist and Director of the Economic and Political Intelligence Centre (EPIC). “Everything from social security to industrial concessions re-entered the public discourse with vigor.”

The tides of reform are a key topic of EDC’s Winter Country Risk Quarterly. Want to know more? Check out Stuart Bergman’s executive summary, as well as key market-related information on more than 100 countries. You’ll find important developments and learn what they mean for businesses operating in those countries.

EDC launched the Country Risk Quarterly last October, to provide exporters with the latest market intelligence including, risks and opportunities, and key insights on payment experience and risk rating drivers in both the commercial and public sectors. Click to view the winter 2015 edition.

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