ABCs of International Contracts

In this episode of Trade Talk, we explore the importance of getting an international contract right to avoid problems that can range from language issues to tax laws. Is a purchase order a contract? Do you need a lawyer to review the terms and conditions? What’s an INCOTERM? We’ll address these issues and more.

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The purpose of any contract is to set up an agreement that protects everyone involved. The way international trade contracts are written is considerably more complex than those needed for domestic deals. This white paper helps you understand the basics of international contracts and how they can affect your export operations.

The ABCs of International Trade Contracts (PDF)

Feature story, tips and case study

Tamara Parschn-Rybkin, V.P. Legal Services, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of the Canadian Commercial Corporation, is an international contracts specialist. She shares her insight on how to structure a contract to protect your company. You can also learn how Montreal-based MADDI Group uses contract insurance as a growth strategy.

The ABCs of International Contracts- A special information feature (PDF)

Customer case study

MAADI Group started exporting in 2008 to meet its need for growth. Learn how it has used contract insurance to realize its growth potential.

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