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Water, a Webinar and a “Water Tiger”

How EDC helped all these elements come together to spur a potential new water treatment deal in India.

Water, water everywhere, in emerging markets, is in need of major infrastructure upgrades. Two key regions aggressively doing something about it are South and Southeast Asia (SEA). Given their rapid growth and urbanization, these markets offer exceptional opportunities for Canadian companies in the water treatment industry.

No wonder — Canada is a global leader in such areas as water purification, membranes and hydrogeology technologies, and more traditional services such as engineering-construction of treatment facilities and water quality testing and analysis.

To highlight these and other infrastructure opportunities abroad to Canadian exporters, EDC hosts a number of webinars each year. One of these, in collaboration with the Economic Development Board of Singapore and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), led to swift and concrete results.

How? One of our webinar participants was Canadian Technology & Business Facilitators (CTBF), a trade advisory organization whose main focus is water and energy in such markets as India and Southeast Asia. After hearing how EDC and DFAIT can help bring like-minded companies together, one of CTBF’s senior executives asked us if we knew some innovative companies they could contact for water-related projects abroad. In particular, they were looking for a water purification solution for a golf club client in India. EDC identified several possible partners, including Watertiger a B.C.-based company that offers a unique water filtration technology.

CTBF was immediately impressed with Watertiger, not only for its technical skills, but also for its flexibility, business savvy, and cultural sensitivity. After a successful presentation to the Indian client, CTBF and Watertiger worked out a deal in principle with the client. The deal was promoted in India’s media and the Indian government is now too considering buying units from Watertiger.

CTBF has other projects in Southeast Asia for which they have scoped out possible solutions and are identifying appropriate Canadian partners. They aim to continue using EDC as a source of guidance, and of potential risk mitigation and financing on large projects.

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