UPCOMING WEBINAR: Getting International Export Compliance Documentation Right

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Getting International Export Compliance Documentation Right

After months of negotiation, meetings and business travelling, you’re now ready to ship your products and export to your new foreign customer. But is your paperwork ready to comply with foreign regulations?

Trade documentation is more complex in foreign markets and foreign authorities can sometimes be challenging to deal with. International shippers beware — a lack of compliance with the country of destination can lead to a loss of export sales. To avoid this potentially devastating loss, exporting requires accuracy, discipline and, most importantly, the right knowledge.

To those ends, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters will be offering an Export Success Program Training webinar to increase your understanding of foreign customs requirements and to provide you with the tools and best practices to successfully export into new markets.

Join Diane Beaulieu, P.Log., during the Documenting International Trade for Export Compliance Webinar on January 20th from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST. You’ll get to hear about her experiences in international trading and what she considers critical aspects to think about when getting ready to sell to foreign countries.

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