With Spring Comes Easter Sweets and Syrup

With Spring Comes Easter Sweets and Syrup

At Easter, do people prefer to fill their baskets with chocolate, maple syrup, or hats?

At Easter we think of chocolates brought by the Easter Bunny and spending time with family. But chocolates haven’t always been the biggest seller at Easter.

Only a few decades ago, hats were part of the spring shopping list. Spurred by fashion trends of the time, spring hat sales would soar as people prepared for their formal Easter dinners. This trend has since been replaced with more delicious traditions we’re all familiar with. Easter-related sales now stem primarily from agri-food products such as chocolates, essential elements for any Easter egg hunt.

What iconic Canadian food signals the arrival of spring?

Maple syrup of course. The popularity of maple syrup seems to be growing outside of the country, especially in the UK, Japan and the US, where they seem to savour the sweet nectar of Canada’s forests. It’s a fun fact that the first ever sale using Export Development Canada’s (EDC) new online Trade Partnership Insurance (TPI) portal involved the export of a few tons of maple syrup to the UK. How Canadian.

Maple syrup is said to be one of the first products that comes to the minds of Japanese consumers when asked about Canadian goods, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. In its American Eating Trends Report, the Department maintains that the US accounts for more than 60% of total Canadian exports of pure or transformed maple syrup.

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