Working Capital and Guarantees

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TradeTalk: Working Capital and Guarantees – December 2013

In this episode of TradeTalk we look at the impact on companies when their customers ask them to post a bond. What can companies do to avoid having their cash tied up as collateral for these bonds?

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How can your company provide the collateral required for guarantees without compromising your working capital? This white paper explores that question.

Working Capital and Guarantees (PDF)

Feature story, tips and case study

Hear from bonding expert Dan Primeau, EDC’s Vice-President of Program and Customer Support who talks about the difficulties of doing business internationally without bonds and how providing one is often a pre-qualifier for getting the contract in the first place. View quick tips and a case study of an exporter has used guarantees to grow this business.

Working Capital and Guarantees – A special information feature (PDF)

Customer case study

Learn how Canadian Hydro Components obtained performance guarantees without tying up liquidity.

Read their story
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