10 Business Intelligence Sites You Need to Check Out

10 Business Intelligence Sites You Need to Check Out

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Start your export market research with these authoritative Internet portals.

Before you head abroad you need to equip yourself with as much information as you can. Trade shows, trade missions and fishing trips are helpful but they’re expensive. There is plenty of free information on the Internet from respected authorities in Canada and worldwide that will help you get started. Some appear in the form of online publications and others have data; all are essential reading for anyone considering going abroad.

  1. The Hurun Report is the go-to info source for anyone trying to sell luxury goods and services to China’s wealthy elite. Its roster of lists, books, events and magazines detail the exact names and net worth of China’s wealthiest 1,000 citizens, along with tastes, interests, aspirations and buying habits.
  2. Arabian Business is an online newspaper featuring news in separate Arabic and English that delivers news, analysis and opinion on business developments through the Arab world, including a section devoted to SMEs.
  3. The Canadian Trade Commissioners Service Market Reports by Industry Sectorreally drills down into specific markets such as food, defence, life sciences and cleantech in countries, regions and even cities.
  4. Although it only publishes in Spanish and Portuguese, América economia is an essential online business magazine for anyone interested in doing business in Latin America. It covers a broad range of industries in all countries of the region.
  5. The international consultancy PwC, working with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, annually publishes Paying Taxes, an exhaustive survey of business taxation for 189 economies worldwide. It looks not just at tax levels but breaks them into type and reports on the relative ease of paying taxes in all jurisdictions.
  6. The International Monetary Fund keeps a wealth of information on its site regarding global macroeconomic data that would include export figures that reveal patterns such as the growth of trade between so-called south-to-south countries.
  7. Like the IMF’s site, Industry Canada’s Trade Data Online offers plenty of detail about trading patterns internationally, but from a Canadian perspective. It can provide specific country information for any industry included in the international Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.
  8. World Bank’s Prospects section maintains a weekly briefing on global developments such as food price trends, inflation and foreign direct investment flows. It’s useful to keep a watch on how your industry is faring in a fast-changing world.
  9. Coface is a French organization that insures providing export credit insurance. And like Canada’s EDC, it provides a wealth of information on international business both about macroeconomic trends as well as individual country risk levels.
  10. Like América economia, Week in China takes a magazine-like form and has a valuable section on banking and finance and on the Internet and technology. One recent feature examined the impact the breakup of China’s state-owned enterprises would have on the economy as a whole.

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